AWS DevOps

Posted Apr 16

We are seeking a DevOps Engineer with 2+ years' of AWS experience to join our delivery team. In this role, you will be expected to set-up/maintain product environments in AWS, execute ETL processes, capture performance bottlenecks and stability issues in a complex distributed environment. If you are a technology expert, willing to learn new tools and technologies, this is the right challenge for you.

Job Responsibilities:

- Enhance/maintain our VPC PaaS infrastructure in AWS cloud, set-up new application environments.

- Maintain/document working knowledge of current infrastructure and recommend on future trends.

- Understand the application, infrastructure, fine-tune and maintain CI/CD pipeline, and scripts.

- Promote product releases to various application environments.

- Pro-actively monitor systems and identify any performance issues.

- Execute ETL processes to load data into the system.

- Manage security groups, changing rules, DNS, TCP/IP, SSL, routing.

Required Candidate profile/skills:

- Strong technical background to maintain PaaS in AWS (EC2, ELB, S3) cloud environment.

- Hands-on knowledge of implementing/maintaining multi-staged CI / CD in AWS cloud for a modern

application ecosystem.

- Hands-on experience of taking code from repository to PaaS environment using various AWS cloud

services tools.

- Proficient in shell scripting languages, python, SQL.

- Strong Inclination towards automation of environment set-up/monitoring/maintenance of


- Proficient in docker, kubernetes, ansible etc.


- Knowledge on various app monitoring tools.

- Knowledge on security related to cloud-based infrastructure.

- Working experience on RDS.

- Must have in-depth knowledge of clustering, load-balancing, high-availability and auto-scaling, etc.

- Experience in SSH and SSL set-up and generation/management of

CSR/keys/certificates for the application and infrastructure.

- Experience of maintaining the nginx server.