Devops JAVA

Posted Aug 15

Experience in deploying and supporting applications developed in java, j2ee, spring, node.js, jsp, python, .NET applications to nginx, jetty, node.js, ActiveMQ servers, etc. · Expert level experience in Unix/Linux platforms · Experience in infrastructure automation frameworks (such as Chef, Puppet, etc.) · Experience with various build automation tools such as Jenkins, GitLab Expert level skills in Git, repository management (Branch, Merge, Pull request, Identify and Resolving conflicts, etc.) · Knowledge of various scripting languages such as Python, Bash, Perl Experience in Akamai, Splunk and Third-party vendors integration. · Experience in using Application performance monitoring (APM) tools like new Relic, etc. to identify the performance bottlenecks. · Debug prod issues independently, identify the solution and work with the application & network teams. · Experience in application, server & cluster performance tuning · Very good in performance problem identification, troubleshooting and experience in using java profilers like JProfiler, VisualVM etc. · Experience in deploying Mission Critical applications to DEV, QA, Staging and PROD environments good experience with JIRA tool to create, update and close the tickets. · Experience with network security (firewalls, VPNs, TLS, etc.) and data protection (encryption at rest, access control, etc.) · Excellent communication skills and the ability to work with Development, Network, Support, and management teams and guiding them to make the decisions · Work closely with development and support teams to solve production escalation cases and participate in post escalation reviews to document learnings and take actions to improve existing processes continuously