Program Manager

Posted Nov 27


The role of Program Manager is to lead programs on behalf of the Global IT division. Working alongside Executive stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts, you will determine the business objectives for your program and develop a PMO strategy for its implementation and delivery. Essential to this role is the ability to oversee multiple projects and co-ordinate efforts to keep them aligned to the program's strategy and aims.

The Program Manager's key responsibility is delivering the business objectives and benefits of the program. You will lead and co-ordinate project teams with a diverse skillset that are geographically widespread. Working with BI teams, you will build and consume BI reports to measure your program's progress and identify where strategic enhancements are required. As Program Manager you will keep a constant oversight of the program to provide clear and concise reporting to Executive Stakeholders on status and progress.

As a strategic role, you must possess great communication skills and be able to work collaboratively in a constantly changing environment. Agility will be essential as business objectives change and new directives need to be incorporated quickly.

Note: The role will be expected to work European or US Time Zone (Eastern) as standard but may be required to change time zones occasionally as projects dictate. Fluency in English (written and verbal) is essential.


Executive Stakeholders & Business Objectives

  • Work with Executive Stakeholders and PMO Management to determine scope of Program (including objectives, benefits, and success criteria).
  • Proactively devise solutions and strategies towards the Program's objectives.
  • Provide Monthly and Quarterly Program Reviews on Progress, Current Strategy and Critical Path.
  • Provide clear and concise status reporting to Exec Stakeholders spanning all projects and workstreams under the program remit. Build engaging presentations for EVC and Board Meetings.
  • Maintain Program artifacts and centralized repositories to be accessible by Exec stakeholders and PMO Management.

PMO Strategy

  • Devise PMO strategies for the Program, including:
  • All Sub-Projects to have Projects Charters with the Program requirements clearly set out in terms of Deliverables, Timelines and Success Criteria.
  • Program's schedule of projects with major milestones and dependencies noted (Critical Path).
  • Resource plans to accompany future schedule of projects to support Group IT planning.
  • Work with PMO Management to schedule priorities and allocate PMO resources.
  • Support Project Managers and give direction towards the program objectives. Help to manage risks and obstacles to ensure smooth delivery of projects.
  • Ensure consistent reporting across all projects and workstreams.
  • Consume Data and BI inputs to check Project Managers' progress towards objectives.
  • Ensure all projects are appropriately transferred to their BAU ownership.

Establish Governance and Controls

  • Establish Steering Committees for setting program direction, tolerances and decision making.
  • Establish Working Groups / Agile Pods as required.
  • Ensure consistent project controls across the program (PIDs, Charters, RAIDs, etc)
  • Communication strategy to keep wider community informed and avoid duplication of message and conflicting information.
  • Work with BI Teams to ensure BI is aligned with program objectives.

Business Alignment and Communication

  • Act as champion for the Program and promote its objectives to encourage engagement from global and regional teams.
  • Hold frequent business updates to keep the wider TP community informed of upcoming activities.
  • Develop strategies to see-through global change and alignment to program objectives. Ensure leaders are aware of their responsibilities for meeting the program objectives.

Analysis of Project Performance, Benefits, Costs

  • Continuous analysis of BI and Data to ensure program strategy is making progress towards its objectives. Revise strategies based on BI indicators.
  • Provide qualitative insights to accompany BI and Data. Provide explanations of trends, key drivers, outliers and project impacts. Use towards continuous improvement of program strategy.
  • Conduct post-project reviews of all projects to understand contribution towards program objectives and lessons learned.
  • Set-up ongoing tracking of Cost and ROI against program budgets and expectations. Handover to BI Teams for post-program review where applicable.


  • 7+ years of experience in a project management role or strategic IT role.
  • Must have a strong IT background (generalist IT experience preferred).
  • Experience of managing projects, implementations and process change to a large employee base.
  • Ability to lead and inspire others (non-direct reports).
  • Problem-solving skills and abilities to analyze quantitatively, scope technical requirements, and effectively prioritize program deliverable.
  • Strong presentation skills and the ability to breakdown complex topics for non-SMEs.
  • Excellent disposition for teamwork.
  • Analysis capacity, Learning Capacity and Service Attitude.
  • Assertive, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency with tools such as MS Project, MS Visio, JIRA, Confluence, Power Platform.