Sr. DevOps Systems Engineer

Posted Jan 13

About Ceros

Ceros is an experiential platform that empowers the creation of bespoke, immersive digital experiences without code. We're passionate about helping companies transform their static digital content into engaging experiences. From custom microsites to immersive interactive webpages, you can build it with Ceros. Publish and update live content and instantly embed it into your site or social media platforms such as Pinterest or Snapchat. Join us and be part of the movement to enable everyone to create experiences that matter.

Our customers include some of the world's leading brands, such as Mashable, Bloomberg, Red Bull, United Airlines, and AIG.

We are well-funded and institutionally-backed by prominent investors including Sumeru Equity Partners, Grotech Ventures, Greycroft, and Starvest Partners.

The Product

Ceros provides multiple products and the DevOps team supports them all.

The core Ceros ( product is comprised of multiple single-page applications (Admin, Studio, and Player) written in Javascript using libraries like jQuery, Require, and Backbone. It is supported by a REST backend built in PHP. The Ceros Studio is built around the HTML5 Canvas element.We're in the midst of migrating both the frontend and backend to Typescript.

The infrastructure uses Docker, Jenkins, and Cloudformation. We use a myriad of AWS offerings. We also use Okta for authentication and Fastly as a CDN. We're eying a migration to Terraform and Kubernetes.

The Team

As part of the Ceros product team, you'll be working with a cross-functional group of the most talented people you've ever worked with. We hire only passionate and creative people with a proven and unquestionable ability to execute, and every member of the team is equally responsible for moving the product forward.

We have a dynamic company culture that collaborates daily. We care deeply about the user experience, and we debate passionately about our ideas. When you work at Ceros, you check your ego at the door, and you aren't afraid to be honest, especially to yourself. We take our jobs seriously but ourselves not so much.

The DevOps team is the primary caretaker of the infrastructure, responsible for owning the infrastructure roadmap and pushing it forward. We're constantly looking to improve the infrastructure to make it more stable, scalable, available, more easily deployed, and easier to work with.

The DevOps team also supports Markup (, which is built in React and Typescript on the frontend and Typescript on the backend. Its infrastructure uses Terraform and Kubernetes on AWS.

We follow DevOps principles, which means we view ourselves as the deep knowledge and support for all the developers when they need to write infrastructure stories. Each member of the Devops team serves as a liaison to one of the feature engineering teams, helping to plan and review the infrastructure components of their stories.

What We're Looking For

We're looking for an experienced Devops Engineer with a Systems Engineering background. Someone who came to Devops or SRE from a background in systems administration rather than software engineering. They should be well versed in Devops or SRE tenets and adhere to them, working to solve systems problems with an engineering mindset by defining infrastructure in code and automating away manual tasks. They should be skilled in designing monitoring systems, in designing systems to be highly available and self healing, and in diagnosing outages.

Key Responsibilities

  • Evaluating, testing, and building new infrastructure tools and technology
  • Writing detailed planning documents on stories so your teammates can assess the proposed approaches to a story, offer suggestions of approaches missed, and we can all agree on where to go from there
  • Writing maintainable code (probably goes without saying)
  • Carrying out and being on the receiving end of intense code review sessions from your peers who hold your work (and their own) to the highest of standards
  • Helping the full stack development teams write infrastructure code, and reviewing said code
  • Writing clear documentation around infrastructure code and development tooling so that it's easy to understand, use, and modify
  • Working closely with the rest of the team to deploy new releases and data migrations without hiccups
  • Performing blameless post-mortems whenever there's an unplanned outage.
  • Supporting the development infrastructure so that feature teams and QA can collaborate on shared environments
  • And finally, ensuring the availability of the Ceros platform

Practical stuff we anticipate you having:

  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines, configuration management, infrastructure orchestration, containerization, linux administration... you know, DevOps.
  • Particular areas of experience we're looking for with this role include:
  • Experience in designing monitoring systems.
  • Experience in designing systems to be highly available and reliable. Systems that scale up or down to meet their need and are capable of automatically recovering from failures.
  • Experience on the linux command line diagnosing system, container, or network issues.
  • Deep experience diagnosing, responding to, and recovering from outages on AWS.
  • An eagerness to write well documented, clear code. You understand that infrastructure code is still code and the principles of documentation and organization that apply to every other kind of code, still apply here.
  • The wisdom of experience. You understand that principles and design patterns are important guidelines, but not hard and fast rules. You know when to apply a pattern and when not to, when to hold fast to a certain principle, and when to let it go. You understand that sometimes we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good and we'll have to take on tech debt, but when we do, it should be with consideration and intention (and should be documented).
  • An eagerness to learn. We're looking for engineers who are able and eager to keep up with the pace of our rapidly evolving field.

Key things to know

  • This is a 100% remote role but we are primarily in the U.S. Eastern time zone and prefer candidates who can have an overlapping work schedule with the rest of the team.
  • We want you to start ASAP
  • This is a full-time position


  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Stock options
  • Premium health insurance
  • Wellness Fridays (shorter work days)
  • Excellent gear (15" Macbook Pro, iPad, external monitor, etc.)
  • Paid parental leave
  • Virtual experiences in which Cerosians can collaborate, educate, and create social connections with one another

At Ceros, we are deeply committed to the recruitment, retention, and growth of diverse talent; uniting people from unique backgrounds in our shared passion for unlocking creativity through technology.

As an equal opportunity employer, we prohibit any unlawful discrimination against a job applicant on the basis of their race, color, religion, veteran status, parental status, gender identity or expression, transgender status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. We respect the laws enforced by the EEOC and are dedicated to going above and beyond in fostering diversity across our company.