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Looking for a [full stack developer] to oversee development of [e.g. web-based apps and experiences].


  • Front-end tech experience [e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, React, etc.]
  • Back-end tech experience [e.g. Ruby, PHP, Python, Laravel, etc.]
  • Additional tech in your stack [e.g. cloud storage providers, testing suite, operating systems, databases, etc.]
  • Excellent [e.g. written and verbal [English] communication skills, clear bug/issue explanations, effective group communications, etc.]
  • Experience with software [e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Vim, Visual Studio, etc.]
  • Familiarity with [e.g. virtualization, VPN, virtual machines, network security, etc.]
  • Experience with [e.g. Linux, Windows, Cisco, Aruba, cloud providers, etc.]
  • Work effectively with a team of professionals

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Reach the largest remote community on the web

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