Customer Support Rep

Posted Jul 8

πŸ‘‹ About SARAL

SARAL is an influencer relationship management platform for Ecommerce businesses to find, reach out, manage, and track performance of the influencers they work with. We’re a self-funded company from India, selling primarily to US-based brands. We have a global team spanning India, Armenia, Greece, and the Philippines!

Find out more on our website, read the origin story.

> 🎯 Our mission is to be the simplest results-oriented influencer marketing platform DTC brands use for all-things that involve creators. SARAL exists so brands can seamlessly build & maintain relationships with creators.

Looking for the following skills and traits πŸ‘‡

  • Excellent Communication: This includes active listening, clear and concise explanations (both verbal and written), and the ability to tailor communication to different audiences.
  • Patience and Empathy: Customer support reps deal with frustrated customers, so a calm demeanor, understanding, and a willingness to help are crucial.
  • Product Knowledge: Building a strong understanding of the core functionalities of SARAL is necessary to effectively troubleshoot problems.
  • Cross-Departmental Communication: You will work with engineering to fix some issues for customers. For that, you need to own the issue, follow up with engineers to get it fixed, and inform customers. This is a dynamic and cross-departmental role.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Being able to identify the root cause of an issue, think critically, and develop solutions is essential.
  • Marketing Skills: This is a good bonus to have but not a requirement for this position. We’re an influencer marketing software, so if you have experience with marketing, you would be able to better serve customers.
  • Tools Needed: You must have experience using Slack, Notion, Loom, Zoom, and similar tools to be effective in this role.

Your Responsibilities πŸ’ͺ

  • Respond to questions within 5 minutes: This includes answering customer questions or resolving bugs on our customer support ticketing software or slack channels.
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve Issues: Our customer support rep would diagnose problems, guide customers through solutions, and escalate complex issues to the engineering team when needed.
  • Provide Product/Service Knowledge: You would act as a resource for customers, ensuring they understand how to use the product or service effectively.
  • Maintain Customer Satisfaction: This involves going the extra mile to ensure a positive customer experience, which may include collecting feedback and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Improve our Helpdesk: You will be responsible for improving our helpdesk, writing new articles each week, and referencing them during customer query resolution.

Why work at SARAL πŸš€


  • No multiple sync meetings that drain everybody’s time.
  • Completely remote and async: no permanent office or β€œ3-days office” policy. Most communication & collaboration done async over slack and notion.
  • Fun allowances such as: Gym, Books, Courses, etc. We invest in your self-improvement.

πŸ’œ Our Core Values

Before joining a company, it’s important you know what we value and how we operate. We look for and nurture these values in every member on our team.

  • Customer Obsession: We're focused on our customer's unmet needs, their anxieties, and frustrations when it comes to influencer marketing. We build products that help alleviate these. We go above and beyond for our customers during onboarding and support. When they win, we win.
  • Self-Agency: We take ownership of problems. Customer makes a mistake? It's on us to fix. Someone on the team messes things up? It's upon us to pick things back up. Competitor launches smear campaign? We continue focusing on our game.
  • Bias for action: We do things quick. Not end of week, today. We hotfix minor bugs for customers, even if they don't need them immediately. We take action on suggested improvements asap. We do not wait for approvals or meetings for easily reversible decisions. We take action.
  • Systems Thinking: Fix the system, not the problem. We break problems down to first principles and figure out ways to make an order of magnitude better solution to them. We ask: How can we make something 10x faster, 10x cheaper, or 10x more impactful to our customers? Then we do that.

If you resonate with these, then we must talk!

How to apply

βš™οΈ Our Hiring Process

  1. Record a loom going over your previous experience doing a similar role OR explain why you're uniquely a fit for this role
  2. Fill out this form if you think you are the best fit. (This is crucial that you fill out the form)