Fact-checker and Copyeditor

Posted Feb 10

The Motley Fool is looking for a highly skilled freelance fact-checker and copyeditor to help us on an independent contract basis around 10-20 hours per week.

This contract opportunity is flexible and 100% remote, but candidates must reside in the United States for consideration. 

Who are We?

We are The Motley Fool, a purpose-driven financial information and services firm with more than 30 years of experience focused on making the world smarter, happier, and richer. But what does that even mean?! It means we’re helping Fools (always with a capital “F”) demystify the world of finance, beat the stock market, and achieve personal wealth and happiness through our products and services.

Since our founding, we’ve cut through the noise and jargon to help people understand the financial world in general and their own finances in particular.

Today, we do it at a fairly large scale (50 million page views/month). And we’d like your help as we continue to grow!

The Motley Fool is firmly committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. We are a motley group of overachievers that have built a culture of trust founded on Foolishness, fun, and a commitment to making the world smarter, happier and richer. However you identify or whatever winding road has led you to us, please don't hesitate to apply if the description leaves you thinking, "Hey! I could do that!"

What Does this Team Do?

The Premium Content team works to provide informative and impactful investor-driven content for our members. It’s important to us that this content is not only Foolish, but also accurate, and that’s where you’ll come in. 

What Will You Do in This Role?

As we dive deeper into publishing more timely content for earnings, etc. we're looking for more hands-on deck in fact-checking and copy editing our premium content. 

Okay, but what will you actually do in this role?

  • Work within Google Docs, provided by Contract Writers/Investors, to fact-check sources and copy edit content with a Foolish voice.
  • Navigate our CMS to set up content pages, format correctly, and ensure all guidelines and publishing criteria are met for Premium content. Ultimately leading to pressing the button to publish certain content as well.
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively with POMs (Product Operations Managers) and Writers when questions arise and be able to clearly describe what is needed.
  • Understand how to work within Jira Software, where we house our Premium Content Publishing Workflow.

Required Experience: 

  • A solid understanding of financial concepts, terminology, and the global financial landscape. 
  • Strong grasp of Foolish investing principles and our brand voice. 
  • Experience in journalism, editing, or related fields, with a strong grasp of news writing, AP style, and journalistic ethics.
  • Proficiency in fact-checking methodologies and techniques to verify information, data, and sources used in financial articles.
  • An eye for detail to identify inaccuracies, errors, or inconsistencies in written content and financial data.
  • Strong research skills to gather information from various sources, databases, and financial reports to support fact-checking and editing tasks.
  • Ability to interpret and validate statistical information and data presented in financial articles.
  • Knowledge of financial compliance and regulatory requirements, ensuring the accuracy and legality of published content.
  • Familiarity with digital tools, fact-checking software, content management systems (CMS), and other technology used in financial publishing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to interact with writers, editors, and stakeholders.
  • The ability to work under deadlines and manage multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Demonstrated impartiality and credibility in fact-checking, without bias towards any particular financial institution or ideology.

Hourly Pay Range

$40—$45 USD

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