GenAI Senior Art Director

Posted Jun 15

Awareness of GenAI technology has exploded over the last 12 months - and with it a whole new world has opened up for creators in advertising. At Pencil we are developing tools that empower creators to do magical work for brands, and we want to ensure we take a leadership position in the quality and impact of GenAI advertising.

We’re seeking a GenAI Art Director to lead the charge in creating high-quality, high-performing ads for both enterprise clients and small businesses using the Pencil platform. This role presents several exciting challenges. First and foremost, the art of creating impactful ads remains a nuanced craft. As a GenAI Art Director, you will need to master the latest GenAI models to uncover insights, write compelling copy, generate and edit photos and videos, and ultimately produce advertisements that capture attention and drive conversions.

In addition, the science of advertising is becoming increasingly important. Clients expect quick turnarounds and measurable results. Leveraging data, predictive analytics, and streamlined processes will be crucial in consistently meeting these expectations.

To excel in this role, you should have experience with GenAI tools and a deep understanding of their potential for creators, the advertising industry, and marketing clients. You’ll also need the optimism, energy, and determination to tackle challenges head-on every day. Success in this role will not only create significant impact for our clients but also elevate your work to new heights, positioning you as a leading voice in the GenAI revolution.

Your day-to-day

  • Work with our Customer Success team to meet with clients, taking and refining briefs that meet client needs while best demonstrating GenAI capabilities within a systematic GenAI delivery process
  • Oversee GenAI Creator(s) to deliver brief(s) through all steps including insight, concept, copy, image & video generation and final creative assembly using different GenAI models and techniques
  • Where necessary, directly intervene in developing, generating or manually retouching outputs to meet quality standards across briefs
  • Work with our Customer Success team to present creative outputs to clients, taking feedback and managing expectations on what GenAI can and cannot do
  • Work with our Customer Success team and GenAI Creator team to structure a GenAI delivery process that allows for steps, prompts, time taken etc. to be be shared transparently with clients
  • Work with our Training team to actively explore, implement and explain new GenAI techniques to help our wider user base achieve high quality creative outputs
  • Work with our Product & Engineering teams to test new GenAI features and provide feedback to drive platform improvements

Your responsibilities

Your KPIs will be linked to the following:

  • Quality and client satisfaction of GenAI deliverables
  • Rate of delivery of client briefs, typically 1 brief per 1-2 days
  • Creation of knowledge and expertise in use of GenAI and sharing of this knowledge with other creatives

Your qualifications

Please be prepared to showcase your portfolio!

  • 5 years’ experience in advertising creative development
  • Experience with GenAI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Jasper etc.
  • Experience with GenAI techniques such as model selection & prompting
  • Any experience using GenAI to deliver real-world advertising creative
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop)
  • Good personal communication and management skills
  • Preference for candidates who have prior agency experience
  • Strong written English skills, allowing you to communicate effectively with clients and team
  • Access to a reliable computer with an internet connection exceeding 40 Mbps
  • A collaborative and team-oriented attitude with optimism about the role of GenAI in creativity

Your benefits

  • Opportunity to work at the cutting edge of GenAI
  • Sponsored professional and personal learning
  • Flexible vacation/time-off policy
  • Competitive health insurance and welfare cover
  • Fully remote work

About Pencil

Pencil uses AI to make ads. Our mission is to make marketing effective and effortless. We want to become the default way ads get made - because AI ads are 10x faster and cheaper to make, and 2x better performing, than making them without AI.

We’re called Pencil because we believe AI will be a tool for creative people, not a replacement - it may even be as fundamental a tool in the future as the pencil was in the past.

Pencil was founded in 2018 with a team from Google, Facebook and Uber with backing from Sequoia and Entrepreneur First. We were acquired by The Brandtech Group in 2023 to pursue a shared vision of bringing GenAI to the Fortune 500.

https: //

About The Brandtech Group

The Brandtech Group’s mission is to be the best company in the world at helping leading global brands drive growth by connecting content, data and media using technology.

It was founded in June 2015 (as You & Mr Jones) by former Havas Global CEO David Jones, with a simple mission to help brands do their marketing better, faster and cheaper using technology. It was renamed The Brandtech Group in January 2022.

Today it generates more than $1BN in revenue and is the largest global digital content partner for many of the world's biggest brands and companies, often using its unique in-housing model. It works with eight of the world's top 10 global advertisers and 49 of the world's top 100. Clients include Banco Itaú, Danone, Google, Intuit, LVMH, Microsoft, Morgan-Stanley, Netflix, Reckitt, Renault-Nissan, PayPal, TikTok, Uber and Unilever.

In addition, the Group invests in cutting-edge technology companies relevant to and with potential in marketing and has been investing in the AI, AR and the metaverse space since 2015. The Group was the first external investor in Niantic (creators of Pokémon Go), alongside investments in AI Foundation (AI digital twins, personalized AI, and deep-fake detection 2018), Automat (AI chatbots, 2016), Elsy (AI media planning, 2016), Jivox (dynamic automated content,, 2016), Crossing Minds (deep learning AI recommendation system, 2017), CreativeX (AI-driven content optimization, 2022), Zappar (AR, 2017), Provenance (blockchain, 2022) and GGP (the world's largest gaming fund).

The Group is one of the most prominent marketing industry voices on the prediction and movement to AI-driven marketing, including Generative AI. It was named one of the World's Most Innovative Companies 2021 by Fast Company, and by CB Insights as one of the World's Most Valuable Private Unicorns.

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