Junior Developer

Posted Jun 6

Junior Developer with a Passion for Technical Documentation

Looking to join a team of experienced developers, work on an exciting project, and grow your skills? 

OnTheGoSystems is searching for a junior developer who will be a jack of all trades. Join us in building our Private Translation Cloud (PTC), a new tool for developers. We are seeking a talented, passionate, and dedicated individual to join our team and contribute to software development, architecture, and technical documentation.

Role and Responsibilities

As a junior developer at OnTheGoSystems, you will have the opportunity to work on various aspects of our project. Roughly 50% of your time will be dedicated to writing technical documentation, ensuring that our product is well-documented and easily understandable for users and developers alike. The remaining 50% will involve hands-on work on the front-end and back-end of the product, contributing to its development and architecture.

Our Tech Stack

Our backend runs mostly on Ruby on Rails. For the front-end, we typically use React. For internal tools we use Python. And we encourage our developers to introduce the languages and tools that are best for each project we work on.

Work Hours

Our development team gets together in the European morning (9AM Central European Time) and collaborates during the day. We work Mondays to Fridays.


  • Proficiency in Ruby/Rails, React, or Python, or a strong willingness to learn these languages and frameworks.
  • Experience in writing automated tests; we prioritize thorough test coverage before merging any code changes.
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and spoken.

Previous professional experience is not a strict requirement; however, we value seeing your past projects or impressive personal/academic development initiatives.

At OnTheGoSystems, we prioritize efficiency and encourage the use of AI tools to expedite writing and coding tasks. Our lean team utilizes these technologies to accomplish a remarkable amount of work. 

If you are driven, adaptable, and eager to contribute to an innovative project while honing your skills, this role is designed for you.

What we Offer

  • 100% remote position
  • Full-time position with paid public holidays, vacation, and sick leave
  • Being part of a team of highly talented and self-driven individuals
  • Ample opportunities to progress and advance
  • Collaboration with team members from all around the world, with different cultures and languages.

Join our team and embark on an exciting journey where you can make a difference while working alongside seasoned professionals.