Lead Developer

Posted May 25


Entering and settling credible commitments is critical for global trade, but it’s slow and complex. Ante Labs is building Ante, a protocol for onchain commitments, and hiring talent excited to transform societal accountability.

Imagining how claims settlement evolves in a world without computers, and you get something rooted in legacy courts. But the world has always-on, programmable ledgers. So why not build open tools to create, verify, and settle commitments, which accelerates trust formation and growth?


The vast majority of things attempted in crypto don't make sense, but a few things make a lot of sense. Ante works by enabling users to create verifiable onchain commitments with autonomous settlement. At scale, Ante can help keep the world honest, level the playing field for entering global commerce, and explicitly digitize trust.

Concrete crypto products like Uniswap, Maker, Compound / Aave, etc., have become "verbs" in crypto. That's because they actually are coherent with crypto's differentiating properties. Consequently, they make so much sense now that it's easy to forget that they weren't a part of crypto from day one.

The goal of Ante is to “verb-ify” a new primitive - an “Ante,” or a credible commitment - that, in retrospect, seems obvious. (“Tokenizing” as a concept seems obvious now, and swapping stems from tokens, but Uniswap didn’t become “a thing” until tokens were ubiquitous.)


Ante Labs is a seed-stage remote org backed by angels & leading crypto investors like Sequoia. Teammates have worked on global consumer apps, gaming, and crypto, and built a quant trading firm from scratch.

As a Lead Developer, you’ll get to:

  • Flex your Solidity and smart contract proficiency, consistently producing reliable code in a timely manner
  • Facilitate communication between product and development teams to ensure seamless collaboration
  • Lead and manage a team of developers, fostering a productive work environment
  • Embrace a remote-first work culture, communicating effectively with our globally distributed team

Ideal Candidate Background:

  • Proficient in Solidity and smart contracts
  • 2 - 6 years of experience in full stack development in a production environment
  • Security-minded and fast at implementation
  • Comfortable supervising the dev team, with the eventual goal of guiding the team
  • Interested in mathematics, with a deep understanding of DeFi or traditional finance
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, ideally from a top university or program
  • Experience working with Node.js and React is a plus