Senior DevOps Engineer

Posted May 25

About the job

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer who excels at integrating software development and IT operations.

The ideal candidate will be instrumental in automating and optimizing our operations and processes, ensuring seamless collaboration across teams, and delivering high-quality software products efficiently.

Working together with the Development, QA, and IT Operations teams, you will improve the effectiveness and dependability of the system in this capacity. Driving the adoption of DevOps, streamlining deployment pipelines and advancing the ongoing enhancement of our tools and procedures are all goals of a successful Senior DevOps Engineer.


  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Manage and provision computing infrastructure using Terraform mainly.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Set up and maintain CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, GitLab CI and CircleCI to automate code testing and deployment.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Implement and maintain monitoring tools (Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios) and logging tools (Google Cloud) to ensure system health and performance.
  • Configuration Management: Use Puppet, Chef, or Ansible to manage system configurations and ensure consistency across environments.
  • Cloud Services Management: Manage cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud, and use Google Cloud-native tools to optimize performance and cost.
  • Automation: Develop scripts and tools to automate repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing human error.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure infrastructure and deployment processes are secure and compliant with industry standards, manage secrets and credentials, implement security best practices, and conduct regular audits, prepare reports.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with development, QA, and operations teams to ensure smooth software delivery, participate in agile processes, conduct code reviews, and facilitate team communication.
  • Incident Management and Troubleshooting: Respond to system outages and performance issues, perform root cause analysis, and implement solutions to prevent future incidents.
  • Scalability and Performance Optimization: Ensure applications and infrastructure can scale to meet demand and are optimized for performance.
  • Documentation: Create and maintain documentation for processes, systems, and configurations to ensure knowledge sharing and continuity.
  • Research and Development: Stay current with industry trends, evaluate new technologies, and integrate innovative solutions to improve development and deployment processes.


  • 3+ years of solid experience as a Senior DevOps Engineer (GCP)
  • Proven experience with Terraform (Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool).
  • Expertise with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI and CircleCI.
  • Proficiency in configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef, or Ansible.
  • Familiarity with monitoring tools (Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios) and logging tools (Google Cloud) to ensure system health and performance.
  • Strong experience in managing cloud infrastructures on Google Cloud.
  • Proficient in Bash (scripting language).
  • Solid understanding of security best practices and compliance requirements.
  • Ability to collaborate & communicate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong problem-solving skills for incident management and resolution.
  • Strong Interpersonal & Communication Skills.
  • Experience in ensuring systems are scalable and optimized for performance.
  • Ability to create and maintain clear and comprehensive documentation.
  • Commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.