Senior iOS Developer

Posted Dec 8

About is the industry leader in indoor environmental, location, and occupancy services using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE ®). Our mission is to deliver human-building interfaces that provide people with delightful, useful, and safe indoor experiences to help make buildings work for people. We are out to define a new building DNA that is human-centric. We build technologies that help transform buildings into indoor spaces that are useful for people in their daily journey to accomplish their goals, working or being cared for in a safe & sustainable indoor environment.

We started in 2013 when built the first enterprise-graded BLE beacon solution for building-mobile interfaces. Since then, we have provided BLE solutions to over 30,000 end-users, delivered via +1,100 partners using +3 million IoT devices in the field. Today our solutions cover approximately one billion sq ft. We continue to be a pioneer in the field, with a focus on Smart Buildings in Healthcare and Corporate Real Estate Spaces.

We are currently looking for Senior iOS Developer.

You will be responsible for delivering well-designed and optimized mobile apps development solutions for iOS mobile platforms. You will join the newly created small team of mobile developers.

We are looking for a person who can work independently with the ability to take ownership of the solution and look at the problem from a product perspective, suggest proper solutions, and then execute against them. Someone who works best in a fast-paced environment, desires growth, takes risks on bold ideas, and is open to learn from other world-class engineers.

You will be expected to:

  • build from scratch top- quality applications for the iOS platform
  • translate designs and wire-frames into high-quality code
  • advise on the feature designs and future development of the mobile applications
  • create and maintain mobile SDK used for communication with our products (BLE technology)
  • ensure the high performance, quality and responsiveness of the application
  • identify the application bottlenecks and fix bugs
  • continuously discover and implement new technologies in the applications

Our requirements:

  • expertise in mobile technologies with a few years of extensive commercial experience in building mobile applications for iOS
  • experience in building apps from scratch
  • experience in maintaining applications, crash analytics, remote debugging, and continuous integration
  • hands-on experience in using Swift 4+ and Objective-C to develop iOS Apps
  • experience with REST API development
  • familiarity with App Store and App Store Connect platform
  • knowledge of MVC and/or MVVM
  • experience with iOS platform technologies such as Core Graphics and Core Text
  • very good command of English 
  • experience working with Bluetooth stack (BLE) is a big asset
  • experience with Flutter will be an asset

We offer:

  • fast-paced and dynamic startup environment, flat structure
  • B2B contract or a permanent agreement
  • competitive salary and stock option plan
  • work with our IoT experts and trending technologies
  • remote or hybrid work (office in Krakow)
  • collaborative and self-organised environment
  • flexible working hours
  • private medical care, cafeteria system is a fast-growing company. It is extremely important for us to work with people who value the same virtues and fit our culture. Successful cooperation means that you:

1. Lead customer-centric - customer leadership is the key. If a customer has a problem we don’t wait. We understand what customer needs and we tailor our services, products around the customer. It doesn’t mean that we let the customer lead us. It means that we think about the customer first.

2. Have a growth mindset - we commit to results and growth. We are responsible for results, not for the activity or time spent. If we believe we can’t achieve a result or a job, it’s our duty to raise the voice, push back, explain what we suggest instead. We don’t see results as something static - ever. This means that our results and expectations are becoming more ambitious, quarter over quarter. We constantly evolve

3. Challenge, inspire, respect - we are the challenger in the marketplace. When working with each other - or with customers - we enjoy and desire to challenge each other. We listen, reflect and respond. We aim to understand the point of view of the other party and if there is customer merit in the argument. When we challenge, we articulate our hypothesis clearly and provide data and evidence in our argumentation. We respect the time of our colleagues. We have a zero-tolerance towards discrimination of any kind. We respect the environment.

4. Execute systematically - We recognize that the start-up journey will only be successful if we learn twice as much as others in half the time. For us, innovation also means continuous improvement in all fields. We think in systems when driving results, growth, and learnings.

5. Act with urgency - We have a sense of urgency in everything we do - at all times. It’s deeply rooted in the belief that as an up-start, as a challenger, we need to drive value for our customers faster and better than anybody else in the marketplace. We do things outside of the personal comfort zone.