UI/UX Designer

Posted Jul 8

Who we’re looking for

We value a mix of hard and soft skills, as well as alignment to our core values, in all of our people. We are looking for UX designers with the following skills and expertise:

  • User Experience Design and User Interface Design: You take ownership of the entire product experience. You have an intuitive sense of what creates strong user experiences, and you have the design skills to create those experiences. You have built out highly detailed desktop and mobile experiences for custom software products using Figma. You empathize with clients and their users. You anticipate what their users might need to do and ensure the interface has elements that are easy to access.
  • Information architecture: You can manage complexity and clearly structure information. You can understand complex digital products and design interfaces that clearly organize required information. You know how to draw attention to the most critical pieces of information.
  • Communication: You’re an active listener and a great teammate. You aren't afraid to ask questions. You value and listen to feedback from others. You take extra care in your written communications to teammates and clients.

Working at Greynote

As a UI/UX designer, your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Create high-fidelity UI designs for our products using Figma: You'll design high-fidelity UI designs in Figma for products based on scope documents created by our Product Managers and Product Directors. Your role is vital, as your designs will shape the experience of each product before development officially begins.
  • Leverage our robust design system, ChakraUI, to create these UI designs: Your role will focus on leveraging Chakra-UI design style as much as possible to create these high-fidelity designs. Once you’ve created the pages and selected the right Chakra-UI components for your designs, you will make light to moderate customizations to those designs to meet the functionality and branding requirements defined in the scope document.
  • Iterate designs based on feedback: You will work with a Product Manager and/or Product Director to refine your designs (when needed) for each product/feature before development officially begins.

How to Apply

To apply, click the link and submit(Don't use wellfound application): https://forms.gle/x99SiTEfgxEQKwfe8